Weight Loss Management

Over consumption of food, reduced physical activity, physical, mental and life stressors. Aging, poor sleep habits, medication or medical condition side effects. Weight gain occurs for numerous reasons, but all weight gain takes a toll on individuals both physically and mentally. The medical professionals at Century Health Care NP personally understand the exhaustion of a weight loss journey and use their own experiences in combination with years of extensive medical and weight loss training to provide professional, medically guided plans to help you achieve your ideal weight loss goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been considering a weight loss plan but have questions or concerns? The medical professionals at Century Health Care NP have answered the most common questions below, but are more than happy to discuss anything more in depth via email or phone!

How much does the program cost?

The program is $49/month for the consultation with the provider and includes the monthly weigh-in, diet plan adjustment, exercise plan, and prescription weight loss medication. The weight loss medication from the pharmacy is about $20.

How often do I need to be seen?

Once monthly check-ins allow the patient and provider to touch base on progress and determine if any changes need to be made in the plan. Weight loss medications are refilled on a monthly basis after the check-in is completed. This allows for the provider to determine if the prescribed medication is still appropriate and effective.

What medication will I be prescribed?

The consultation allows the medical professional to determine what the safest and most effective medication for each individual would be. The medical provider does value the patients past experiences and will take that into account when considering a medication as well.

What to Expect From Your Visit

While we will see patients on a walk-in basis, we prefer appointments simply to reduce the amount of wait time to the patient. Prior to your appointment, new patient paperwork, located on our contact page, can be completed to reduce the amount of office time, however patients are still welcome to complete the paperwork on site.
Weight loss consultations allow the medical provider to obtain information regarding your current eating habits, your current exercise habits, your goals, and any pertinent medical concerns that might affect your weight loss journey. Due to the in-depth nature of this consult, they typically last our patients a full hour.
Our goal is to answer any questions regarding diet plans, exercise, and the prescribed medication during the consult, however if you leave and during the month questions arise, the medical provider is available via phone, email, or additional office visits to provide continued guidance and support for your journey.

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