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Your health is an investment not an expense. Maintaining health and wellness is not the priority of the healthcare system; it is however our only priority here at Century Health Care NP. Whether that maintenance is affordable primary care, weight loss management, testosterone replacement therapy, injections, or IV infusions, you will receive quality one-on-one care. We offer flexible, expanded hours to help you make an appointment before or after work. With the affordable memberships many concerns like medication refills can be addressed via email without disrupting your schedule and life. We welcome you to step outside the healthcare system and into health care and into quality, affordable health care.


Our Services

Century Health Care NP offers comprehensive concierge medicine services in Surprise, AZ.


Weight Loss Management

Professional medically guided plans to help you achieve your ideal weight loss goals.


Medical Grade HCG Injections

Medical literature indicates that HCG injections, in conjunction with a low calorie diet, can aid in rapid and effective weight loss.


IV Infusions

IV administration of hydration, vitamins, and medications can correct imbalances and causes of dehydration, migraines, hangovers, and can boost immune system support.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Medical grade injections, dosed off of laboratory values and monitored by a medical professional to ensure optimal results.


Vitamin Injections

Vitamin deficiency is one of the most preventable leading causes of many medical issues.


Primary Care

Concierge medicine means that in exchange for a monthly fee, you have a private medical care provider and 24/7 access to them and comprehensive, quality care.

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