Hormone Optimization in Women

Feeling run down? Anxiety through the roof? Irregular cycles that are painful? Feel like no one is listening when you tell them what you are experiencing? These common symptoms can all be related to hormone imbalances that many women experience every day. But they aren’t the only symptoms associated with hormone imbalances.


Common Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

Here at Century Health Care NP we have knowledgeable providers that have been trained in recognizing symptoms of hormonal dysfunction and imbalances. When considering hormone replacement therapy, it’s crucial to feel confident in your providers abilities to listen to you and the symptoms you are experiencing which is why you will spend approximately 45 minutes visiting with your provider so they can obtain an accurate history and understanding of what you are feeling.

What to Expect From Your Visit

When considering treatment options, the providers utilize bio-identical hormones, nutrients, vitamins, dietary and lifestyle modifications to address your hormone imbalances. Each of these treatment options can be modified to fit your lifestyle preferences. Our office utilizes bio-identical hormones because they are created from plants (soy and yam) which makes them beneficial because they are structurally the same as hormones created within our bodies. This allows the bio-identical hormones to be recognized and used the same as endogenous hormones, whereas synthetic hormones are created from horses and do not match the structure of our endogenous hormones which leads to more incidences of side effects associated with hormone replacement therapy. Our providers spend time explaining your options with you and what interventions will help you achieve your goals and symptom relief. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you and help you achieve your wellness goals!