Primary Care

Selecting a health care provider is a personal decision that has an impact on your level of health and wellness.

    • “The average health care provider spends 7 minutes with each patient”
    • “The average wait time for an appointment with a medical provider is 2 weeks”

You deserve better. You deserve different. You deserve direct primary care.

At Century Health Care NP, we provide extremely affordable direct primary care.



Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if direct primary care is the right fit for you?
The medical professionals at Century Health Care NP have answered the most common questions below, but are more than happy to discuss anything more in depth via email or phone!

What is direct primary care?
Concierge medicine is the ability to have a private provider available to you via phone, email or same day office visits. With a private provider, your visits are not rushed, you are listened to, you are valued, and you are taken care of. This level and quality of care reduces illness, redundant office visit, and unnecessary referrals to specialists.

What to Expect From Your Visit

Prior to your appointment, new patient paperwork can be emailed to you and completed to reduce the amount of office time, however patients are still welcome to complete the paperwork on site.

Initial Primary Care visits allow the medical provider to obtain information regarding your current pertinent medical concerns/conditions, medications, and health goals. Due to the in-depth nature of this consult, they typically last our patients a full hour.

Our goal is to answer any questions regarding medical issues and medication during the consult, however if you leave and during the month questions arise, the medical provider is available via phone, email, or additional office visits to provide continued guidance and support for your journey.